Tower bolt 4 inch with Screws

Tower bolt 4 inch with Screws

4 Pack Heavy Duty Tower Bolt Black 150mm (6″), Door Lock Bolt, Strong Black Coated Door Barrel Bolt, Durable Slide Bolt for Increasing Security on Garden Gates & Shed Doors.

Tower Bolt is a rod-shaped bolt for fastening a door or the like, attached to one side of the door at the edge and sliding into a cylindrical casing on the frame of the opening.


FUNCTION: This XFORT tower bolt features a rod shaped bolt that can fasten your door to increase safety and security. The bolt is slid into a cylindrical casing and the finger knob is rotated to keep the bolt in a locked position.

QUALITY: The sturdy construction of these XFORT steel garage door locks ensures that the gate latch is durable and remains intact through all wexternal weather conditions, making it perfect for external use. The attractive finish complements the black casing so that this gate lock can also be used indoors.

SAFETY: This XFORT door latch could help secure your yard which is essential if you have children or pets. The lift and slide release on the door locks guarantees that unsupervised children or pets will not be able to leave the safety of your land without parental permission when installed out of reach.

APPLICATIONS: These XFORT door bolts have multiple applications! It can be used as a bathroom lock, shed lock gate, garage door lock and a garden gate lock. The door bolt could be perfect for multiple situations such as keeping livestock safe, increasing security and locking away valuables in the garden shed.

EASY INSTALLATION: These locks for doors are surface mounted so they are easy to install and can be done by any one.The XFORT door lock bolt comes supplied with all fixtures and fittings including colour matched screws. Please refer to the images for detailed product dimensions.


  • Solid steel construction provides extra strength to the hinge
  • Black coating for decorative finish and resistance to corrpsion

Tower bolts offer a number of security and convenient uses, including;

  • Keeping Livestock safe.
  • Locking away bicycles and other valuables in the garden shed.
  • Keeping the kids away from the Medicine cabinet.
  • Added security for garage doors.
  • Preventing gates from blowing open in the wind

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