Tee Hinges 6 inch 150 mm

Tee Hinges 6 inch 150 mm


Tee hinge – a hinge that looks like the letter T when it is opened; similar to a strap hinge except that one strap has been replaced by half of a butt hinge that can be mortised flush into the stationary frame.Tee hinges, are rectangular-shaped knuckle which fits to the gate post, and a tapered strap that fits to the gate for extra security, commonly used on gates or shed doors.

Tee Hinges are suitable for many applications, from hinged box lids, flaps, and cupboard doors, to utility doors, gates, and garage doors. Tee hinges are quick and easy to fit and help spread the load across the door.

  • Pcs of Black Tee Hinges 4″100mm to 24″ 600mm for Gates. Doors and Sheds
  • Pair Of Black Japanned Tee Hinges, Two sizes 250, 300mm
  • Pack of 2 x Tee Hinge Black Powder quoted for Rust Resistant
  • Used for Shed and Doors
  • Hardware hinges in 4 sizes.
  • Sizes available from 100 mm (4″) to 600mm (24″)

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