No. 6A Foil Containers Heavy

No. 6A Foil Containers Heavy

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Aluminum foil containers are versatile and lightweight containers made from aluminum foil material. They are commonly used in the food industry for packaging and transporting a wide range of food items.

Key points of aluminum foil containers:

Material: Aluminum foil containers are primarily made from aluminum, which is a lightweight and flexible material. Aluminum foil is known for its excellent heat conductivity, moisture resistance, and ability to preserve the freshness of food.

Construction: Aluminum foil containers are typically formed by pressing or shaping thin sheets of aluminum foil into various shapes, such as trays, pans, dishes, or containers with lids. They can be manufactured in different sizes and depths to accommodate different food quantities and types.

Heat conductivity: Aluminum foil containers have excellent heat conductivity, which allows for even heat distribution during cooking or reheating. This property makes them suitable for use in ovens, microwaves, and even on stovetops.

Barrier properties: Aluminum foil acts as a barrier against oxygen, light, moisture, and contaminants, helping to protect the food and preserve its quality. This makes it ideal for packaging perishable and sensitive food items.

Recyclability: Aluminum foil is widely recyclable, making aluminum foil containers an environmentally friendly packaging option. They can be recycled and transformed into new aluminum products, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Versatility: Aluminum foil containers are versatile and can be used for various purposes, including cooking, baking, storing, and transporting food. They are commonly used for takeout meals, catering, airline meals, ready-to-eat meals, and leftovers.

Convenience: Aluminum foil containers are lightweight, stackable, and easy to handle, providing convenience for both consumers and food service establishments. They can be sealed with compatible lids to ensure food safety and easy storage.

Eco Properties: Recyclable
Material: Aluminium Foil

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