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  • Drywall Screws Black Phosphate

    Black Phosphate

    Code Size Boxed
    NWG035025JC 3.5×25 1000
    NWG035032JC 3.5×32 1000
    NWG035038JC 3.5×38 1000
    NWG035042JC 3.5×42 1000
    NWG035050JC 3.5×50 1000
    NWG042065JC 4.2×65 500
    NWG0402075JC 4.2×75 500
    NWG042100JC 4.8×100 250
    NWG048125Y 4.8×125 100
    NWG048150Y 4.8×150 100
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  • Drywall Screws Large Box

    Large Box

    Code Size Boxed
    NWG035025J 3.5×25 1000
    NWG035032J 3.5×32 1000
    NWG035038J 3.5×38 1000
    NWG035042J 3.5×42 1000
    NWG035050J 3.5×50 1000
    NWG042065J 4.2×65 500
    NWG0402075J 4.2×75 500
    NWG042100J 4.8×100 250
    NWG048125Z 4.8×125 100
    NWG048150Z 4.8×150 100
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  • Drywall Screws Self Drilling

    Self Drilling

    Code Size Boxed
    NWG035025Z 3.5×25 1000
    NWG035032Z 3.5×32 1000
    NWG035038Z 3.5×38 1000
    NWG035042Z 3.5×42 1000
    NWG035050Z 3.5×50 1000
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  • Drywall Screws Small Box

    Small Box

    Code Size Boxed
    NWG035025J200 3.5×25 200
    NWG035032J200 3.5×32 200
    NWG035038J200 3.5×38 200
    NWG035042J200 3.5×42 200
    NWG035050J200 3.5×42 200
    NWG035065J200 3.5×42 200
    NWG035075J200 3.5×42 100
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  • Metal Boards Fixing

    100 Pcs Metal Plaster Board Fixing Self-Drill cavity wall Anchor Plugs including Screws size 14 x32


    • Fix light objects onto single or double thickness plasterboard.
    • Each Metal Plasterboard fixing comes with a 4.5x30mm Zinc Plated Combi Screw.
    • Countersunk feature on Metal Plug allows for a flush fitting to Plasterboard.
    • The easiest and quickest way to install a fixing into Plasterboard.
    • Self-drill fixings with screws for use on all types of plasterboard. The metal self-drilling wall plug is short length so it’s ideal for dry lined walls. The heavy duty metal wall plugs can be used in single or double thickness plasterboard.
    • No pre-drilling is required. You don’t need to go through the hassle of finding the drill size to pre-drill holes. Simply pierce paper skin and screw home. Use either a power or manual Pozidriv screwdriver. Use only the screws provided.
    • Metal self-dril wall plugs designed for plasterboard walls and dry lined walls. Typical plasterboard fixings include shelving, bathroom equipment, bracket and hook fixing, picture hanging, cable trunking, sanitary equipment, sockets, lighting, electircal fittings and installations, handrails, shelving, mirrors, timber and metal battens, and much more.
    • Insert fixing point into the plasterboard till the thread of the self-drilling plug is engaged into the board. Maintain pressure on the wall plug fixing and screw into the plaster board till the fixing is flush with the plasterboard. Place the screw into position and tighten till you are sure the screw fixing is secure.
    • Anchor Size: 13 x 31mm, Screw Size: 4.5 x 34mm
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  • Tower bolt 4 inch with Screws

    4 Pack Heavy Duty Tower Bolt Black 150mm (6″), Door Lock Bolt, Strong Black Coated Door Barrel Bolt, Durable Slide Bolt for Increasing Security on Garden Gates & Shed Doors.

    Tower Bolt is a rod-shaped bolt for fastening a door or the like, attached to one side of the door at the edge and sliding into a cylindrical casing on the frame of the opening.

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